Press Cuttings

Our most important critics are the children themsleves, and we have some lovely comments from them below, we have also been highly recommended by some well known publications such as The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Times Newspaper, The Week, Sainsury's Magazine, The Sunday Times Travel Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, The Evening Standard, Closer and Prima, The Saturday Express, The Observer, Families Magazine, SW6 Magazine, Village News, and Time Out.

The Times

...One of the best summer camps in the country...

The Daily Telegraph

...picturesque fun that dream holidays are made of....

The Week

...a truly magical first time experience away from home...

The Daily Express

...wicked winter fun on the slopes of Austria...

Sainsbury's Magazine 

......Wickedly Wonderful has blossomed into the kind of camp that romantic parents dream about, a lively Swallows and Amazons-style adventure more in tune with the Famous Five than the modern world.......

The Sunday Times Newspaper

"We loved our holiday-we had a brilliant week"
"The food at Wickedly Wonderful was yummy"

The Sunday Times Newspaper 

.....the more sophisticated camp.....

The Sunday Times Newspaper 

A new holiday camp in West Sussex is trying to teach kids the Enid Blytonesque values of hearty exercise, simple food and lungfuls of clean air. Wickedly Wonderful has a cub-scout-jamboree- style camp site near West Wittering, where the days are filled with beach games and horse-riding and water-sports, while the staff impart a few subtle healthy-living messages to their charges during cookery lessons. If your pride and joy’s skin isn’t glowing after a week of this, reach for the iron tablets.

The Observer 

....Swallows and Amazons style fun in West Sussex....

The Evening Standard  

...oodles of fun around the campfire....

And below are some lovely comments from the most important critics!...the children.....

Wickedly Wonderful is Wickedly Wonderful! - quoted lots and lots!

I love this place and dont want to leave.....Naushka aged 11

I love Wickedly Wonderful....Danny aged 8

Thank you for an incredible week - he has literally not come up for air telling us all that he did! - Ben's mum 

I love this place - cant believe we are going home tomorrow already...Ralph aged 10

Just a note to say that when asked what was the best thing about this summer, luke has invariably answered ...Wickedly Wonderful!...not the south of France, Cornwall with cousins,etc etc. Well done! You obviously know the answer!
Luke's Mum

Thank you very much for making the girls have such an enjoyable week.  They were full of shattered excitement and lots of 'wickedly wonderful' stories when they got back. Emma is particularly interested in doing the Sailing camp next year. She loved that part.
Emma and Abis' Mum 

It sounds like a perfectly special week and I wish I had loads of photos to trawl through. Clearly, they were far too busy for that.
Thank you again for making their time so memorable. Please pass on my thanks to all your supportive and fun helpers.
Emilia's Mum

Thank you so much for a great week! I loved spending each day with the ponies doing different riding activities. See you next year!

He had a great time. THANK YOU!
Lucas's Mum

Thank you - Francesca and Emilia had a great time! When asked what the best thing was, both of them said, "the people", and proceeded to tell
me all about your team.
Francesca and Emilia's Mum

That was the best day of my life!
Jon, age 9, Children Only ski trip

Please can we stay another week?!
Annie, age 9, Children Only ski trip

Thank you for giving Gemma such a "wonderful" ski holiday.
Gemma's Mum, Children Only ski trip

We are booking right now for next year!
Ruby and Drew, age 12, Children Only ski trip

We love Wickedly Wonderful.
Helle, age 12

I love this camp so much!
Benjamin, age 7

I love Wickedly Wonderful.
Lotte, age 10

You don"t get homesick at Wickedly Wonderful as they make you feel as though you"re at home already!
Sophie, age 10

This is way better than Barbados!
Ben, age 11

The best camp I"ve been to.
Diane, age 13

The food is Yummy
Andrew, age 10
The best week of the summer holidays!
Molly, age 8

Can"t wait to see you next year!
Anna, age 12


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